Does hGH Work or Not? Scientists Vs. Athletes

Growth Hormone controversy continues to rage as a variety of top athletes have admitted to using hGH. The question is, why is everyone so upset that these athletes are using growth hormone when so many scientists say GH has no benefit?

Every day that another high level sports figure is found to have used human growth hormone is another vote for the benefits of the substance.

But scientists are quick to say that GH does not have any anti aging qualities. Of course, that's not the reason anyone is using growth hormone. Athletes use Growth Hormone for its ability to decrease injury recovery time, as well as its synergy with anabolic substances.

In other words, people use growth hormone for increases in quality of life, not as an elixir that will actually add years to their lives. The general public simply wants to use hGH to try to have all the years of their life be good ones. Saying that hGH might gain you some youthful vigor and more youthful attributes, doesn't mean that is truly "anti aging." Age increases every day no matter what. It's the quality of life that people want to improve.

If human growth hormone really didn't help athletic performance, then why are there so many tests being made for it and so many international and national organizations dedicated to finding out who has used it and therefore, "cheated"?

For how could it be cheating if it did nothing? How long before vitamins are "performance enhancing substances"? Actually, no one labels vitamins as performance enhancing substances because it's obvious they don't improve performance. This is why people are upset that athletes use human growth hormone - it does improve performance.

Tests for professional athletes are a move in the right direction. But what about all the growing elderly population? If growth hormone can be shown to be effective in improving their quality of life then why not allow them to use it under a doctor's supervision?

In fact, the human growth hormone is continually being improved on. Take Prolor's recent positive trial on their HGH-CTP product. This product allows for HGH to be taken only twice a month rather than injections every day. This would clear one of the major hurdles for HGH users - the too frequent injection requirement.

As growth hormone continues to be made available to more people, the benefits will be more widely known.

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