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Up to this point, the only form of human growth hormone supplementation that has been analyzed is the use of injectable HGH. With its high cost, $10,000 to $15,00 per year17, it is out of the price range for the vast majority of people. Because of the cost, many people are turning to other forms of growth hormone with hopes that they will provide the same results that many claim to experience from injectable HGH. For the most part, these various forms do nothing for the patient, primarily because they are not using true HGH. Human growth hormone is illegal to import personally; a prescription from a doctor is the only way to receive growth hormone legally in the United States. It is also not possible for an oral tablet of growth hormone to be of any benefit, because it is digested in the stomach and rendered ineffective.10 These other treatment options are not truly growth hormone, but in fact try to stimulate the various glands to produce more growth hormone. There has been very little qualified research done on these supplements, and their benefits have not been proven to live up to some companys' extravagant claims.

Human growth hormone is an extremely complex substance and its full effects are not yet completely understood. Some doctors would like to see growth hormone eliminated completely, and avoid further research. To avoid researching human growth hormone further would be a tremendous mistake. The possibilities of this hormone having an outstanding effect on humans are far too great to abandon it. It remains to be seen if an additional ingredient could boost its effectiveness safely and effectively, if the delivery methods could be improved, or if the proper dosage could be discovered. All of these questions require serious research in order to understand the full range of benefits and effects that HGH has on a person. For now, and when the full benefits and side effects are better documented, it is up to each individual to decide whether human growth hormone supplementation is something he or she is willing to take a chance on. Each person must weigh the various issues surrounding the growth hormone, and make an informed decision for themselves. Regulation of the substance may be necessary for sports competitions, but other people should have the opportunity to make a decision on their own.

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