The Dangers And Effects of Human Growth Hormone

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Some websites will try to tell you how dangerous HGH is, while others will tell you that it is completely harmless. You should first read the part of the research paper that deals with hgh side effects

It is very important to distinguish the dangers of hgh based on what form of hgh is being used. In nearly every medical journal report, the dangers of hgh are being based on the injectable hgh form. This is the form that you can only get legally with a prescription. The dangers of using hgh are far greater in injectable form than in spray or pill form. This is because of the dosage. Injectable hgh is pure hgh entering your system. Sprays and pills contain minimal amounts of hgh, they try to stimulate your body into increasing growth hormone production.

There have been many HGH effects with the use of injectable hgh. Headaches, stiff joints, and even diabetes have been reported. Using injectable hgh should only become a priority after much discussion of your condition with your physician.

Spray and pill forms do not have nearly as many side effects. Most have been found to not cause any side effects at all. Usually, the worst thing that will happen is you will feel no benefit from using them. This occurs when your natural levels of hgh are already significantly high. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not start using hgh until you are over 30 years old to see significant improvements. However, younger people have seen benefits as well. Overall, injectable hgh can cause very dangerous side effects and should be used cautiously, while spray and pill forms can generally be used by anyone without a problem.

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