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Be wary of products that simply say they will enhance your hgh levels. Some products that are available don't stimulate your hgh production at all and will be a waste of your money. When looking for a site to purchase from, follow these guidelines:

Is full product information available, including the ingredient label? If a company doesn't have this information available, it is for a good reason! (They have something to hide!)

Is their production facility FDA approved? No form of hgh supplementation other than prescription injectable hgh is approved by the FDA (see FDA), but the facilities for production can be FDA approved for the homeopathic and other forms of hgh.

How is the website designed? You can tell a lot by looking at a company's website. Did you know that most people selling hgh online are simply resellers of the product and NOT manufacturers? In fact many of the sellers are selling the exact same product under different names! This means that you should look for a professionally designed website. Why? Because those who put effort into designing a proper website are much more likely to ship your order fast and efficiently and have solid customer support.

Take a look at a variety of hgh sites before choosing one and decide which one fits you best is the best recommendation I can give you.

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