How HGH was first used.

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The human growth hormone was first used to boost the height of abnormally small children. There are currently over 400,000 small children who could meet the requirements for administration of HGH to boost their height as adults.1 Eli Lilly of Eli Lilly Co., the creator of Humatrope, a FDA approved human growth hormone treatment which will make human growth hormone available to many more short children, performed a double blind study on the effectiveness of the hormone. The results showed that 1.5 to 3 inches could safely be added to a child's final adult height by using this hormone.1 The time frame for this growth is widely accepted as two inches per year for a child who has not reached puberty.1 It is clear that injecting human growth hormone into children with stunted growth can boost their height, and it is widely accepted as a beneficial treatment for children with stunted growth.

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1. Simon, Cecilia. "Big on HGH? Human Growth Hormone Helps Small Kids Grow, but Some Call its Wider Use Shortsighted." Washington Post 30 Sept. 2003 : F1.

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