Growth Hormone For Sports - How is it used?

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Human growth hormone is a hormone that our bodies naturally produce. This hormone can also be made in a lab and is often prescribed to children who are having problems with growing. It is only supposed to be taken if it is prescribed, but many athletes use it today to improve their performance. Although its use is banned in professional sports and by the Olympic committee, people are still using it in record numbers.

The reason that so many athletes use human growth hormone is that it is said to increase muscle size and help muscles recover more quickly after a workout. This enables them to work out more often and with more intensity. Although they try to monitor hgh use in sports, it is often difficult to do. It is hard to test for because it is a hormone that your body already produces, so it is going to be present in blood tests. See an overview of testing for hgh in pro sports.

The market for human growth hormone is enormous, and major pharmaceutical companies are cashing in because of this. It seems that a great many professional athletes are injecting this hormone to boost their performance. Since it is hard to test for, a lot of them are able to get by with it. However, they are looking for ways to improve growth hormone testing, so these athletes may not be able to get by with it for much longer. Another question is the negative side effect to sports.

As of 2012, eight different companies have permission to produce human growth hormone, making it pretty easy to come by. The federal government is trying to crack down on pharmaceutical companies so that this hormone does not get in the hands of the wrong people. So far, they have not been very successful. In fact, between 2005 and 2011 the sales of this injectable hormone increased by almost 70%.

Although this drug is intended for children with growth defects, it is usually not used for that purpose. Athletes and bodybuilders are taking it far too often, which can lead to dangerous problems. If there is too much of this hormone in the human body, it can lead to changes in facial features, as well as other problems. These dangerous side effects is why the federal government is trying so hard to get the problem under control. It is also not fair to professional athletes who follow the rules and work hard to improve their performance on the field.

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