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Two other tests done on men who were already on weight training programs were also performed. In 2001, Dr. Jenkins of Cambridge University studied seven athletes with an average age of 23 years, who continued their training programs after starting HGH supplementation. 8 This test lasted fourteen days, and the results showed that IGF-1 levels were doubled, but muscle protein synthesis was not improved. 8 One other test of men on weight training programs was done at the University of Vienna in Austria in 1993. The men had an average age of 23 years and were randomly assigned either a placebo or injected HGH. 9 Again, IGF-1 levels were doubled, while muscle gains remained the same between both groups. 9 Although these two tests state that HGH does not have benefits for weight trainers, the opposite may be the case, given enough time. These studies did not allow nearly enough time to examine the real effects of the supplementation. It takes years for IGF-1 levels to decrease; to bring the levels of IGF-1 back to where they once were takes time.

To write off HGH as ineffective after a couple weeks of testing is a rather rash notion; all anecdotal evidence shows people seeing the best results only after multiple months of use. Donal O'Mathuna of the Mount Carmel College of Nursing points out in Alternative Medicine Alert that “…a limitation of these studies is that in practice, athletes often take larger, varying doses…” (O'Mathuna 65). Another point worthy of mention is that the tests done on any age group under 25 may be worthless. IGF-1 levels are only beginning to decrease at that age; the benefits to the elderly may be far better.

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