Human Growth Hormone in the NFL

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If you’re a fan of American football, you know that the governing body of American football known as the National Football Association (NFL) has a great deal of restrictions and rules regarding the use of performance-enhancing supplements. In many cases, most supplements are banned by the NFL. One such substance is human growth hormone. However, to understand why this substance is banned, it’s important to know a little bit more about HGH before making any conclusions on your own use.

HGH is a hormone that is naturally produced in the pituitary gland of the brain. This hormone is directly related to the growth of the body’s muscular structure. In most people, HGH is constantly produced; however, as you get older, your body produces less HGH. In fact, it is thought that a person in their 20s is the time in which HGH production is the highest.

The question that many people have is why it is banned by the NFL. In many cases, the NFL is looking for a nonperformance enhancement policy when it comes to their players. It is important to the NFL that the players reach their level of ability without the help of various substances. The other question this leads to the question of whether HGH is bad. You can also check addtitional details for the MLB testing here.

The truth is that it can be especially helpful for people who are smaller in stature and for people whose bodies don’t produce the necessary amount of HGH. But, as far as hgh use in sports, it’s often mixed with other substances known as a sports cocktail; in the past times it was mixed with illegal performance enhancing substances. On it's own HGH isn't harmful, but it was banned due to the propensity to combine it with substances that are harmful.

However, even though HGH has been banned by the NFL, players still continue to take it. It's estimated that roughly a quarter of NFL players regularly take HGH supplements. One of the reasons why they do this is that it helps to develop stronger and larger muscles quicker. Another reason why players use it is because it decreases recovery times, which can allow a player to recover faster from muscle soreness and breakdown in order to get back into the gym and increase their fitness and strength levels.

One of the real problems regarding HGH is the growth hormone testing in the NFL. One of the reasons why players continue to take HGH is because even though the collective bargaining agreement called for HGH testing in 2011, testing processes have yet been implemented because of questions and legal issues over how they are administered. Continue on with an overview of all pro sports testing here.

Is HGH bad for an NFL player? No! However, a player in their prime may not necessarily need more HGH. Regardless of the safety level, if you’re an NFL player or an aspiring NFL player, these are the rules that the NFL has set forth and players will eventually have to abide by them.

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