HGH Scams and how to avoid them

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Although on the rest of the site you are informed that all hgh products are essentially the same, this is not always exactly true. It is true that all hgh products are essentially the same which are being sold from legitimate dealers.

However, let's take a look at what some sites do that don't offer a valid product.

  1. Some sites will say their product contains a certain amount of nanograms in it. If it does, do not buy from that site. It the hgh is expressed in nanograms that means it is real HGH which is an illegal substance without a prescription.

  2. Although some sites claim that spray hgh does not work because the molecules are too big to be absorbed, this is a false claim. The studies they quote or reference are talking about hgh molecules from genuine prescription hgh, not homeopathic hgh sprays. Homeopathic hgh sprays are most definitely absorbed.

Additionally, here are some recommendations:

These things should help you avoid any hgh scams that are out there. In addition, the hgh product reviews article will help you choose a specific product.

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