Where Did We Go Wrong with human growth hormone?

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Human growth hormone, or HGH, remains a force for good and bad in society. Greedy athletes and others turned human growth hormone into something negative. Yet, HGH continues to have many beneficial uses. HGH occurs naturally in the human body. It was used for medical purposes, until unscrupulous people started advertising the hormone as the "fountain of youth," and something that makes you incredibly strong. HGH was difficult to obtain at one time. In 1981, recombinant HGH was developed, and flooded legitimate and black markets. People started to use rHGH for all sorts of reasons, despite the health risks. Unchecked growth hormone use can lead to musculoskeletal problems and other disorders.

The International Olympic Committee banned growth hormone in 1989, and the NCAA followed. Today, it appears that hgh use in sports remains a serious problem. It took twenty years to perfect growth hormone testing, and many athletes took advantage. It's a regular occurrence for one of our athletic heroes to fall from grace because of HGH, and other performance enhancing drugs. Barry Bonds was caught using HGH, and went to jail for lying about it. Home run king Mark McGwire's records will always be questioned because of his HGHuse. See an overview of testing in pro sports. There's growing controversy because the NFL has allowed some players to use HGH. The players say they have a therapeutic need for the drug, testicular disease. Doping officials see this as opening the door for wider HGH use in sports.

Growth hormone therapy is still used by the medical community. Many children and adults are treated because their body doesn't make enough of the hormone. The treatment helps a deficient child start to grow faster in months. GH replacement therapy is very beneficial to deficient adults. You can also view current regulations in the NFL and MLB. Scientists say benefits include improved bone density, a boost in the immune system,increased muscle mass and marked improvements in the immune and circulatory systems. GH is also approved for wasting in AIDS patients, chronic renal failure and a number of growth-related conditions.

GH treatment continues to be big business with the drug companies. Several drug companies are manufacturing rHGH, and China has started selling the hormone, as well. There are six legal rHGH products available in the U.S. Growth hormone is also available on countless Internet sites. Growth hormone seems to do more good than harm. There's no real solution for the abuse. People want to win and be the best. Unfortunately, many of them are not satisfied with legitimate results.

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